Thank you for volunteering in our school! Please click on the "Get Involved Volunteer Application" icon on the right to be directed to their page if you need to register. Volunteer opportunities will be available throughtout the school year and posted on this website. 
Volunteer Registration Requirement

If this is your first time volunteering ever, thank you for your time!  In order for you to become a volunteer in our school system, you must first complete a Level 1 online application. CLICK HERE to get started. 

Returing volunteers who applied AND received their level 1 badge during the 2018/2019 school year, do not need to complete an application this year. These volunteers will be automatically screened for the new school year. Please bring your ID to the Cougars Den to check if you have been approved and print out your new badge. We recommend placing your badge inside a protective sleeve. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON CAMPUS WITHOUT YOUR APPROVED BCPS BADGE.

Please note, if your child is transitioning to another school (ex. elementary to middle), please call the BCPS Volunteer office at 754-321-2300 to update your school location.

If you need a Level 2 clearance, you must first be approved and have your printed Level 1 badge, then go to the Cougars Den and ask to see Mr. D. He will give you a fingerprint application. Please clearly print your name, email, and phone number on the request for Mr. D. 


We look forward to your valuable participation during the upcoming school year!