On January 15, 2020, Tequesta Trace Middle School Parents Teachers Association had a very successful Board Meeting.  Thank you to the Board Members, School Administrators, and teachers for all your contributions of time and talent to make it happen.

The evening started with a better sour-sweet announcement from Tequesta Trace Middle School Principal, Mr. Paul Micensky when he officially announced his retirement at the end of the year; sour for us and the school, as such a great leader steps down and sweet for Mr. Micensky, as it is a well-deserved achievement for him.  Mr. Micesky announced his retirement after being the School Principal at TTMS for 16 years, where he definitively set the culture of the school and positively influenced our community with his leadership. He will be missed by all in our community and the entire County. 

Following his announcement, School Board Member Robin Bartleman said a few words to Mr. Micesky to wish him luck and enjoyment after retiring.  She continued telling the audience of her plans to move on as a State Representative position and continue pressing for public schools' rights at a different level. Mrs. Bartheman has been a dedicated member of our local community and the Broward school board.

After She finished, the panel moderator for the Roundtable, Catalina Fortish, and the panelists started the discussion which was exceptional, as the panelists went right to the point about TTMS PTA Vision of getting parents involved in their children’s school life. Trust* was an important part of the discussion, and as important as to use technology to support safety* and transparency* in consensus among parents and children; good examples of technology apps are Life360 and Bark. Bark monitors social media in addition to other features.

After the roundtable, we were honored with the super special visit of School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson who delighted us with her expertise and sharing her vision for the Broward County School Board Strategic Plan. According to Mrs. Rich Levinson, the 2024 SP addresses the right issues; prepares the student to succeed on the jobs of tomorrow and focusses on maximizing the student potential by ensuring the right environments in place to communicate and set high expectations for a top-rated education. We were truly honored to have Mrs. Rich Levinson as Guest Speaker. Her expertise and knowledge of the school system combined with her leadership make her the best leader to represent our community at the school district level. 


 Last, the PTA conducted the business session of the evening, approving the revised budget, and hearing a Talent Show update. BTW, the Talent Show T-Shirts are now available, and they look phenomenal! 

Thank you to the team of high schoolers who helped with child care, and to Boca House who once again, provided delicious food.


Among the audience, we had both the Principal and Vice-Principal Mr. Paul Micensky and Mr. Edward Gomez, School Board Members Mrs. Laurie Rich Levinson, Mrs. Robin Bartleman, and Mrs. Debbie Connelly; Deputy Lynn Gariboldi, many parents, guardians, and youth. 


The roundtable members;  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Catalina Fortich, Mental Health Expert Andrea Vargas, Student Advisor for the Broward County School Board, “No Place for Hate ambassador” and West Broward High School Senior Ms. Ingrid Lucia Mattig; Class of 2021 president and student ambassador of ‘No Place for Hate” West Broward High School student Ms. Daniella Lopez,  Executive VP - Chief Information Officer for Bank United Mr. Julio Jogaib, and Criminal Defense Attorney Mr. Adam Rossen. Tequesta Trace Middle School Parents Teachers Association is accomplishing goals as we are united with a vision and what matters most is the results we as a team are achieving.

The Roundtable Members:
Catalina Fortich, MS, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, 
CMC Therapy, LLC
Instagram: @catgetscurious

Mental Health Expert: 
Andrea Vargas, 
LMHC, RPT-S. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
Instagram: @andreavargaslmhc
FB: Andrea Vargas LMHC

Ingrid Lucia Mattig, 
Student Advisor for the Broward County School Board.
No Place for Hate ambassador, West Broward High School Senior Email: Student.advisor.alt@browardschools.com

Daniella Lopez,
Class of 2021 President, 
West Broward High School student

Julio Jogaib, CISSP
Executive VP - Chief Information Officer, EVP
(305) 231-6708 office
35+ years of expertise - Information Technology 

Adam Rossen, ESQ
Criminal Defense Attorney 
754 999 2499  
FB: @rossenlawfirm
Insta: @rossenlawfirm

President Report