TTMS PTA 2019-2020 VISION:  

Have all of TTMS families connected and involved in TTMS students Education and life.  

Our Mission is supporting the youth to have a balanced life, taking into account the present environment. Our priorities: Awareness, relevance, Outreach. 

In an effort to help spread awareness of an unavoidable paradigm shift that is transforming our realities for good, and that what we do is aligned with the programs in place, - Reflections, Talent Show, and School of Excellence: Focus Area: “Improve health & Safety of students”, and  Objective: “To support students’ emotional and mental well being”- TTMS PTA went deep into its vision of having all parents involved in children's education and school life, thus contributing to their kids balanced life, and here are the results. 

To increase awareness of parents’ options, so they choose whether to get involved in their children’s school life, TTMS PTA  is executing the following five strategies.

  1. Creating educational programs for parents and children that aim to promote Mental Health Outreach, and increase the level of awareness of our current reality and the importance of their choices at this age; Vaping talk, Talent Show, Tech-Youth-Family Roundtables. 

  2. Directing all fundraising efforts to local corporate vendors, thus alleviating family finances; i.e. Outreach to local sponsors.

  3. Partnering with local Schools and Educational Entities; to facilitate a seamless transition of children from one school level to the other and outreach learning opportunities to enhance life.  i.e. This school year, Tequesta Trace Middle School PTA joined forces with Indian Trace Elementary to celebrate “Look within” Reflections Awards; UF/IFAS Extension Office offers multiple resources to enhance life: Farm to School, 4H, Butterfly Garden, Sea Level Rise, Master Garden, Vegetable Gardens, Urban Food Production Alternatives.

  4. Reaching out to parents directly to learn how PTA can help them. We had unprecedented results; parents are that busy that are not aware of what is being sent or communicated to them and how relevant are the messages they receive. It is about how PTA can help parents and families.

  5. Highlighting to parents the importance of the teacher’s job. Teachers are Parent’s Partners. No parents or teachers are alone on the mission to inspire children. 

After tragedies like the MSD, PTA has a crucial role to connect and support, we at TTMS PTA intend to make all efforts so parents are aware, and then they choose whether to get involved.